Company History

The Panicongelados is a family business with decades of experience.

Panicongelados was constituited in 1994, its origins are a family run business with decades of experience in traditional bakery and pastry products. The conjugation between the mastery of traditional production methods, acquired over more than 30 years of experience, and the incorporation of technological innovations to the processes, made of Panicongelados one of the pioneers in the production of deep-frozen bakery and pastry products. Our products are commercialized under two different brands: PANIDOR for businessz (Horeca Channel, Hyper and Supermarkets and Vending); and HOMEMADE MOMENTS directly for the end client. Panicongelados has a wide range of deep-frozen bakery and pastry products, prepared through industrial processes that always respect the quality, aroma, taste and textures of the traditional recipes.


To conceive, produce and commercialize frozen dough, responding to the expectations of our clients and consumers promoting their full satisfaction, fostering in this way the prosperity of the company.



• Improve innovation in products and organization.
• Ensure the quality and food security of the products at all stages (from the raw material reception to the delivery to the client), transmitting confidence to the clients and consumers.
• Focus on customer loyalty, supplying products with “traditional” characteristics and making available assistance services to the client.
• Diversify the distribution channels for the products of the organization.
• Invest in internationalisation.
• Assist our clients in the fabrication methods implementation and promoting the products next to their consumers, ensuring their success in the market.

• Practice a data protection policy in your recruitment system. By accepting the data protection policy of our recruitment system, you agree that the data provided by this channel will be stored and processed by all legal entities in the universe of recruitment, in the scope of selection and recruitment. The universe panidor undertakes not to provide the information collected to any entity that is not part of its group of companies.


To be recognized as a company that excels in the conception, producion and commercialisation of deep-frozen dough.

In Panicongelados, commitment to quality is recognized as a key factor for sustained and dynamic growth of its business.

In order to meet the high demands of the consumer, put on the market products with superior quality and easy to manufacture. We act in accordance with the general rules of hygiene, safety and basic manufacturing in this industry, fulfilling all legislation currently in force and binding, and our processes implemented in the basic instruments for an efficient quality control.

We make a Quality Policy based on:

       • In meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.
       • The continuous improvement of our products and services and the consolidationof a quality management system effectively and continuously improved.
       • In innovation, quality and food safety of our products, giving you confidence to customers and consumers to obtain their preference.
       • In compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Quality is part of our recipe


Consumers demand products with new compositions or special features noque concerns dietary capacity, food health, safety or functionality, semprescindir the organoleptic characteristics and for this to PANICONGELADOS, SA is in a position in which technological resources are fundamental to face osdesafios of national and international competition.

Associated with technology, PANICONGELADOS, SA offers superior technicians with "know-how" to pre-evaluate the nature of food, the causes of its deterioration, the principles that underpin the food processing and the most appropriate technology for the production of foods for human consumption.


We foster teamwork.

We have a cohesive team and worry ourselves with the welfare of our employees.

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